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Clients Name
 Akshar Enterprise.
 Blu Plast Industries Ltd.
 Dabhel, Daman
 Faber Castell (l) Pvt. Ltd.
 Dabhel, Daman
 Jaisingh Wires Pvt. Ltd
 Kadaiya, Daman
 Anand Electricals.
 CRP Electricals & Switchgears.
 Malad, Mumbai
 Gulnar Plasics Pvt. Ltd
 Bhimpore, Daman
 K.R. Electricals.
 Auto Power.
 Somnath, Daman
 Daman Polyfab.
 Kachigam, Daman
 Ganshyam Electricals.
 Kandoi Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.
 Kachigam, Daman
 A.K. Construction Co.
 Dugar Polymers Limited.
 Dadra, Silvassa
 Gayatri Shakti Paper and Boards Ltd.  Vapi
 Kuloday Plastomers Pvt. Ltd.  Dabhel, Daman
 Bhim Polyfab Industries.  Kachigam, Daman
 Essel Dispoware Pvt. Ltd.  Bhimpore, Daman
 Hercules Plastics Pvt. Ltd.  Dabhel, Daman
 Kuloday Technopack Pvt. Ltd.  Dabhel, Daman
 Billets Elektro Werke Limited.  Umbergaon
 Ess Ell Cables Co.  Kachigam, Daman
 Hotel Sea Rock Inn.  Devaka, Daman
 Kushal Plast.  Kachigam, Daman
 Blokraft Engineers Pvt. Ltd.  Saily Silvassa
 Flair Writing Instruments.  Dabhel, Daman
 Hi Pack 2  Dabhel, Daman
 Kiran Electricals.  Vapi
 Kris Flexipacks Pvt. Ltd.  Kachigam, Daman
 Kalyan Resorts  Kadaiya, Daman
 Kenson Manufacture Pvt. Ltd.  Paddbar, Kutch Bhuj
 Krishna Electricals.  Dharampur, Valsad
 L.V. Electricals  Vapi
 L.G. System  Dabhel, Daman
 Legend Electricals  Vapi
 M.A.N Industries  Andheri Mumbai
 M.K. Print Pack Industries  Bhadrabad, Haridwar
 M.R. Engineers  Kachigam, Daman
 Maheshwari Trading Co.  Vapi
 Medisol Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.  Aklara, Umargam
 Milan Decor Pvt. Ltd.  Dabhel, Daman
 Miramar Resorts Pvt. Ltd.  Devka, Daman
 Maxwell Industries Ltd.   Kachigam, Daman
 Modi Steel  Modinagar, UP
 Nakoda Plast Industries  Dabhel, Daman
 Neel Enterprise  Somnath, Daman
 New Watan Machine Tools  Balanagar, Hyderabad
 Novex Polyfim Pvt. Ltd.  Kachigam, Daman
 N.R. Agarwal Industries Ltd.  Vapi
 National Traders  Somnath, Daman
 Nikamal Limited  Nasik, Maharashtra
 New York Packaging  Dabhel, Daman
 P Chhotalal Manufacturers and Exporters  Bhimpore, Daman
 Palak Instruments  Vapi
 Parth Electricals  Daman
 Pashwanath Electricals  Vapi
 Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.  Kadaiya, Daman
 Positive Energy  Vapi
 Powertek Engineers  Samantha, Daman
 Prakash Electricals Pvt. Ltd.  Vapi
 Precision Wires India Limited  Silvassa
 Prescience Automation  Silvassa
 PVC Converters Pvt. Ltd (l)  Bhimpore, Daman
 PVN Tex Industries  Dabhel, Daman
 PVN Fabrics  Kadaiya, Daman
 Pyramid Plastics  Kachigam, Daman
 Pranavi Polymers Pvt. Ltd.  Bhimpore, Daman
 Peean Electrical Service  Somnath, Daman
 Pratik Enterprises  Ringanwada, Daman
 Prince Pipes & Fitting Pvt. Ltd.  Dadra, Silvassa
 Power Mould  Dabhel, Daman
 Polyset Plastics Pvt. Ltd.  Dabhel, Daman
 Raj Electricals & Engineers  Vapi
 Ratnachinta Mani Metaloys Pvt. Ltd.  Palgam, Umbergoan
 R. R. Engineering Works  Amli, Silvassa
 Riddhi Polymer  Ringanwada, Daman
 Salasar Enterprise  Vapi
 Shamco Plastics Pvt. Ltd.  Umbergaon
 Shree Ganesh Plastics  Vapi
 Shreeji Packaging Co.  Kachigam, Daman
 Subhlakshmi Electricals  Kachigam, Daman
 Sun Pharma Ceutical Industries Ltd.  Dadra, Silvassa
 Super Knit Industries  Bhimpor, Daman
 Swagatam Plastics  Ringanwada, Daman
 Seven - 11 Industries  Sarigam
 Silvassa Woven Sacks Pvt. Ltd.  Sayli, Silvassa
 Sophisticated Marble & Granite Industries  Bhimpore, Daman
 Trescho Pack  Bhimpor, Daman
 Uniflex Cables Limited  Umbergaon
 Uday Pyrocables Pvt. Ltd.  Lonavala, Maharashtra
 Vardhman Polypack  Dabhel, Daman
 Vibhav Electro Services  Vapi
 Vishal Plastic Industries  Umbergaon
 Vrijesh Natural Fibere & Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.  Vapi
 Wellmac Plastics  Dabhel, Daman



We thanks all the Clients and Suppliers who helped us for maintaining quality and making timely completion for projects we undertaken. We also thankful to the Consultants, Persons, Well wishers who give guidelines and co - operation in the growing of our company from beginning to this stage and expecting all this in future also.
Also we assuring you of our best attentions and co-operations at all times.

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